The Strategy and Planning Scrapbook

Strategy Scrapbook | Editor’s Note

This book is the love child of many parents. Part aggregation, part art mag, it exists to be a resource that makes planners better and gets them away from their desks.  

How it came to be

Strategy isn't a paint by numbers game– it’s a diagnosis and a directive on how to address it. The numbers are ours to plot and the paint comes later.

But to do our job –to plot a course– we have to be catalogues of knowledge; on research, frameworks, theories and the material from those who came before us. We have to do all this while simultaneously being fully immersed in the current world, the one where our audience’s reality exists. We are both monks and crusaders, chained to the library while being required to explore the world.

But the crusaders didn’t have evernote.

Since 2012 I’ve been collecting random, strategy related or adjacent notes and thoughts in a single Evernote document.

It was my way to reference specific things without having to scan through the full source every time– just a list of strategy sound bites.

Back When Under Armour was ideating brand taglines– before ultimately landing on “I Will What I Want.” They considered;  “Make My Team Better” -- stylized as MMTB.

MMTB always stuck with me. If you love this fucked industry like I do, that means you’re in it for the work, and therefore you’re on my team. Because making our teams better is the first step to breathing some life back into Advertising.

Which is why this book is what it is today. From a desire to raise all ships and a love for the idea behind what we do. The vision is for this to be something useful. Something that is carried around, drawn in, dog-eared and coffee stained. It is meant to be a resource out in the world, not one for behind a desk.

It is visually driven because so is what we do.

It is random because the best thoughts are often lateral.

It is incomplete because it would be foolish to think everything that might spark a thought can be collected in a book.  

The biggest thing I’m obligated to point out is source of the contents within– 90% of what is in this book is not mine. I stripped it of its context, paired it with imagery from the internet (or of my own creation) and tinkered with it till it felt like the right balance of thorough, useful, and different from what’s been done.

I’ve tried to add credit where due throughout, but as a result of this project’s origins, I simply can’t find the source for every single tidbit. If you do see something that is un-cited, or cited incorrectly, please reach out and I’ll aim to fix as soon as I can.

And most importantly, I want to say thank you to all that have contributed... Knowingly or not.


Mark Pollard and I talked about the scrapbook. You can listen here